Romanian Flavours Store

Mega Image, one of the biggest retailers in Romania, opened its first shop under the brand Gusturi Romanesti (Romanian Flavours) in 2015. The store sells a wide array of Romanian food, made after traditional and authentic recipes from all Romania’s regions. Most part of the Romanians spent their childhood in a traditional village. They had the chance to discover the traditional architecture, sculpture, customs, old foods & spices, early in their life...

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Holiday display windows Xmas 2015!!!

Holiday display windows Xmas 2015!!!

I pity window display designers. First the rise of online shopping meant that fewer people visited brick-and-mortar stores, and now we’re more likely to look at our phones than the windows we do walk by. But what’s bad news for display designers is good news for the rest of us, since the ever-more-elaborate windows feature performance art, interactive experiences, and a lot of sparkle.

Where to Start From Exhibition by Maurizio Nannucci at MAXXI, Rome – Italy

The Zaha Hadid-designed MAXXI museum in Rome presents one of the largest solo exhibitions to date of influential Italian contemporary artist Maurizio Nannucci. Curated by Bartolomeo Pietromarchi, the exhibition ‘Where to Start From’ presents 30 artworks spanning Nannucci’s entire career, including two new works created just for the event: the sound installation Sound Samples (created in collaboration with Simone Conforti) and More Than Meets the Eye, a large-scale neon work for MAXXI’s facade which will eventually join the museum collection.

KWANPEN Store by Betwin Space Design, Busan – South Korea

KWANPEN is a hand-made handbag brand based in Singapore. This is the third store to be opened at Lotte Department Store in Pusan, Korea. Concerning its location, we tried to focus on moderation rather than expression of its identity. The whole atmosphere needs to keep its dignity while welcoming the customers to access without hesitation. We tried not to design a form or structure to force the brand identity. The design language we used is about co-existence. There are well-balanced coexistence of soft&sharp, easy&luxury, relaxation & dignity. The space provides charming experience with afterimage of products.

Design Betwin Space Design / Design Director: Hwan-woo Oh
Photography: Pyo-joon Lee

jcoco Pop-up Shop by MG2, Washington

jcoco is an American couture chocolate line that draws inspiration from global flavors and high fashion to present distinctive products that also give back to the community. MG2’s Peter Stocker worked closely with jcoco in the line’s early stages to develop its unique brand concept and packaging. Informed by this insight, Stocker and the MG2 team brought the vibrant jcoco brand to life in their first standalone retail location.

MG2 designed the 400 SF shop to reflect the eye-catching appeal, flexibility and interactivity of a pop-up but with the high-end details of a permanent brick-and-mortar. The shop will undergo a series of three complete transformations during its seven-month run, with each design concept and merchandising drawing inspiration from a featured chocolate bar.
The first branded experience reflects the Vanuatu Coconut Pecan bar, pulling in the cyan blue of the bar’s packaging and creating contrast with copper and natural wood accents that refer to the tropical Vanuatu Islands. Later concepts are inspired by the Cayenne Veracruz Orange bar and the jcoco seasonal holiday bar, with each program offering curated gift items and décor available for purchase as the shop prepares for its next transformation.

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AlpStories Store by Brigada, Zagreb

Brigada’s shop concept for a Slovenian cosmetics brand: the first store in the world with all natural cosmetics that offers clients a chance to create their own product, which then is produced by a robot inside the store in real time.

AlpStories is a cosmetics brand combining the traditional therapeutic usage of essential oils from the Austrian Alps with modern preparation technology. Brigada’s assignment was to create a shop concept and to apply it to a newly opened store in Zagreb’s Arena Centre. As the brand itself, the store also had to mirror the link between nature and technology. Spatial organization emphasizes the personal approach to each customer. By combining colors, materials and structures, the entire space evokes freshness from the Alps while communicating nature & technology collaboration.

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When longtime tech entrepreneur and investor Jeff Kearl sat down with consumer-brand vet John Wilson in 2009 to pitch his idea for a new business, it took him a while to get to the point.

"I'm just sitting there while he talked for probably an hour, I've eaten all my breakfast, thinking, 'Is this guy ever going to tell me what it is?'" says Wilson, now Stance's cofounder and president, who had previously been the president of Reef and an executive at Oakley. "We'd known each other for a while, and Jeff was at [earbud company] Skullcandy, so I was totally thinking consumer electronics. Some cool new device. Then he threw out the most low-tech random thing. I thought he was joking. I was waiting for him to actually start laughing. He kept going and just didn't skip a beat. I thought, well he's serious, he's talking about socks."

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Creating WeChat marketing plans

WeChat has taken China by storm.  It is an important part of everyday life for the 550 million monthly active users who are largely Mainland residents, and a vital channel for millions of business accounts hoping to lure Chinese consumers to buy the wares.

Yet for many brands, harvesting a WeChat account is little more than giving away some free stuff and sending regular messages that get lost in the sea of promotions in the Subscription folder, or weekly Service messages that are seen, but often mean little to the audience.

Unfortunately, just translating Facebook and Twitter posts, or even regurgitating a Weibo strategy typically won't bare much fruit on WeChat.  Chinese are unlike consumers in other markets and WeChat is different to any other social network, so it's a good idea to devise a WeChat marketing plan from the ground up.

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Aesop store renewal

Launched eight years ago, the Aesop store on Melbourne’s Flinders Lane was one of the brand’s first to open and help cement the brand’s reputation for innovative store design. Created by local architect Rodney Eggleston in just five days, it was actually intended as a temporary installation. But the look received such praise, Aesop decided to maintain it as a sales outlet. The store has now been given a makeover, using the very same material: industrial cardboard. no less than 1,550 cardboard sheets have been used to create an undulating feature wall which softens, tears and evolves with age. The opposite wall is one of beautiful contrast, featuring a restrained palette of concrete flooring and furnishings of lacquered oak and blackened steel, including a display and sink rolled into one that prominently takes center stage. A sophisticated system of spotlights highlight various sections of the design and products. The renewed Aesop store stocks the brand’s full range of skin, body and hair care products.

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